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An Annoncement and Inquiry from the Pyrates Royale

Many of you know that we hosted a cruise last year to the Western Caribbean for about 60 of our closest friends.
We are giving serous consideration to repeating our mistake in July of 2009. Our unsuspecting destination this time is:

We are edging towards a Norwegian Cruise Line ship that would spend 3 days and nights at the island; allowing for some real sightseeing, nightlife enjoying and beach recreationifiying..
We are told that the weather there is pleasant, even in summer, and the beaches are dreamy.
We will be offering exclusive concerts to our fans, a cocktail party, formal and informal group dining. Other diversions could include, a mass shanty sing, an Irish music session, an astronomy lecture with late night stargazing, a new murder party, There is some chat about an informal pirate film festival. The captain may offer a history of British Pubs, weights and measures.
The current cruise dates are the 19th through the 26th of July, 2009.
We expect that the switch to Norwegian CL will give us a better quality cruise than last year.
Peak time sailing date, fuel surcharge, and a step up in quality will result in a cost that is at least 50% more than the last cruise; but we will be leaving from Baltimore, so most of you will not need to pay for airfare. In balance this should mean that the increase is effectively not as great as it might have been.
Our travel agent suggests that you can pay in installments over the coming year so that the cost is easier on your budget.
We ask that you send your contact info and comments to: so that we can gauge your interest and tailor our programs. Your initial contact info will only be shared with our travel agent. (Of course, the cruise line will be contacting you after you sign up.)
If this all sounds interesting, please contact us ASAP so we can dazzle the cruise line with hordes of cheering minions…and thank we you for your support!

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