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Cross-post from Cindy Dayhoff

I will be helping out with this and it should be lots of fun!


Hey all!  I know some of you are already aware, but I want to make this a somewhat *formal* announcement.
On Sunday, June 22nd, TeamWench will be hosting a fundraising motorcycle ride & picnic at the Burba Lake Cottage at Fort Meade.  The ride will begin at 9:30, last about 2 - 2-1/2 hours, and the picnic will begin at 12:30 pm.  ALL ARE WELCOME!  You do not need to ride a motorcycle to participate!
The charity that we have selected to benefit from this event is the RESCU Foundation - the only organization out there that really provides assistance to Renaissance festival/faire actors, vendors, etc., and one that does not get a great deal of support from the general public.  Please consider participating in whatever way you can to help us raise as much money possible to donate to this non-profit organization and support our RenWorld in the best way ever!
Cost:  $45 per motorcycle driver (inclusive); $25 per passenger (inclusive); $25 picnic only; $5 per child 10 & under (inclusive)
We have live entertainment set up for your enjoyment, which is included in the above-listed prices.  If you are interested in donating your time towards our entertainment line-up, please contact me directly!  (cvdayhoff at hotmail dot com)
We need your help in any way that you might be willing!  And while you are at it, please consider the following information, which I am cross-posting here from Paradox at Wench dot org:
Search the web with and money from Yahoo advertisers will go to the RESCU Foundation without you spending a dime! Also, check out the shopping section for popular internet sites that donate a portion of the sale to RESCU every time you shop through!

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that RESCU is registered with the charitable fundraising Yahoo! search engine . When you name RESCU on the search page and verify it, each time you search through this site 1 cent is donated to RESCU Foundation. Please share this with other supportive people and/or groups.

Thank you so much.

IWG #2742, MCL
Madame of Guild of the Garter Local #34.5
Hoping each of you will take a moment to donate to RESCU in one way or another!  If you are interested in the June 22nd *Ride to the RESCU* and want more information, please contact me off-list, or go to the TeamWench site:  Registration for the ride will begin on Saturday, March 15th, so please watch the website for more info as it becomes available!
Thanks so much!  {hugs} c
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