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Faire Magazine. . .written for YOU

On Renaissance Festival . com, there's been some flack going around that Renaissance Magazine isn't what it used to be. . . . especially when one out of every six issues is designated for weddings.

So I got that itchy artsy/publishing feeling again. Then a few R/F folks pushed me. Then a few more, who enjoy what I've done in the pirate community with The Pyrates Way magazine and would enjoy a similar magazine for "Rennies."

Hmmmmmmmmm I wondered if a full color magazine with amazing features about different faires including prices, types of food and drink, and detailed info on where to stay in the area, what to expect, etc. . . be a good idea? What if it included a part just for serious reenactors. . . and a vendor's area. . .and a garb-making area. . . and a feature on some interesting faire artists that you might not know about? If it all came in a nice package every quarter for less than $6 an issue. . .would you people be interested?

So now there's a choice for your magazine dollar. You can chose a black-and-white magazine produced on conventional paper and includes a lot of articles which boost their advertisers but leave readers wanting more faire-oriented material (which was the magazine's original promise). . . or would you rather have a thick magazine of grand photography that brings far-away festivals into your home to share with kin and counsel?

Personally, I think there's room for both. This idea might piss off both my CPA and my wife, who counts on me to at least bring something home in funds for this idea. . . . but 'tis true. I'll subscribe to both magazines, so I can get all the information. That's the truth of it. . . I can provide a lot in our magazine and they can provide other material.

So here's the deal. . . check us out at: Faire Magazine and see if you like the idea. It's a magazine about Renaissance Faires. . .not just the Renaissance. It's a way to give those involved in Renaissance Festivals, whether owner, entertainer, actor, vendor, playtron or paytron. . . a voice. Our goal is to share these festivals and faires with those who might never (*insert cost of gas here) get the chance to visit.

Subscribers are important but Advertisers pay the bills. If you have a business that's been less-than-profitable this season due to the down-attendance/gas/travel costs. . then this is a way to reach those that would love to see what you have to offer.

C'mon and join us. . . it's all about faire . . . so it's all about us.

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