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Six DEAD Queens!

"Divorced! Beheaded! Died! Divorced! Beheaded! Survived!"

Wit, candor and knitting needles fly in this witty piece of musical theatre brought to you by The Mobtown Players in Hampden, Maryland! Three Catherines, Two Annes and One Jane are trapped together for eternity, forced to engage in an epic battle for the title of the one "True Queen." In the end, they might have lost the King... but they found each other!

This show is a 16 and up performance. Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult!

We're already halfway to a sell out on opening night and we're still a 20 days away! Tickets are flying off Acteva for the first night celebration of this one of a kind musical experience!

Visit and click on Get Tickets to order yours today! To make reservations - email

Don't miss this show - or you might just lose your head over it!
Get 'em before they're gone!!

Here's the special link - Please note that there are only 15 tickets left in the $5 off category - here's your link!

Password is huzz@h
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