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A Request from Carolyn (MDRF)

Topic: I'm looking for Baebes footage from MDRF 2007

Hello, this is Carolyn Spedden, Artistic Director of the Maryland
Renaissance Festival. I am currently in the process of research and
planning for the upcoming season. It should be an exciting one! However,
my post today is a bit off topic.

I am in need of some very high quality video footage of The Mediaeval Baebes
from their MDRF performances in 2007. I don't need an entire set - really
just a song or two. But the quality has to be "watchable" and all the girls
have to be visible in the shot. This is not for MDRF use or commercial
use. I'm helping the Baebes on some state-side projects, and I need the
footage purely as a promotional bit for some producers who are unfamiliar
with their work. Because their line-up has changed in the past 2 years, I
don't want to use old footage.

If you have any dvd available - please contact me at
Thanks so much!

Carolyn Spedden
Artistic Director,
Maryland Renaissance Festival
PO Box 315
Crownsville MD 21032

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